My favorite color-Challenge 5

Hello everyone, I share with you guys my favorite color in this post. Well, actually, I have like 5 other favorite color, but mostly, I like Red, let me tell you why. Red is main color of my favorite club, Liverpool. Liverpool is a one of the biggest club in England with 18 league title and 5 European cups. The way Liverpool FC play makes me excited, they play attacking football, a beautiful strategy of football. I also love Liverpool FC because the teamwork of them, they never give up, like the champions league final in 2005, and the game that Liverpool win against their big rival Manchester United 4-1.

Red is also a color of love, this color stand for romance, and a good feelings in my mind. Love is beautiful thing in the world for me, when I love something, I will sacrifice myself for it. Love also make myself feel better, when I was sad, tired, or disappointed of somethings, talking to my girlfriend make me feel better.

In Asia, specifically in Vietnam, Red is a lucky color. When you wear red, lucky things come to you, for like you got new cell phone or new friends. The color red on my shirt or my short every-time I’m going to play make me feel lucky and more confident of winning that game. Well the color red has a large affected to me a lot.

I hope you guys like my post. What your favorite colors? Can you guys share with me, I can get better of you and have more friends.

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