A field trip to WAR-Cu Chi-Challenge 7

On April 22nd 2011, The American School of Vietnam just have a field trip to Cu Chi. Our Biology teacher Ms.Asmaa has planed this for 2 weeks before that. We started our trip at 8 AM, and get to the Cu Chi WAR 2 hours later, it’s a bit tired for me and my friends as the bus driver got lost for 3 times and we have to ask for way to get their. When we get their, there are posters out sides the gate as it calls people into action, save the animal, save the Earth. 15 minutes later, we got inside the gates as the tour guy shows us lots of stuff about the animal in there, the animal habit, there food, and lots of other stuff.

Cu Chi WAR is a place for animals that have been hunting by people, some of them have injured, but luckily, they’re still alive thanks to these Cu Chi WAR guys. There is also some programs here that you can volunteer to live here, take care of the animals, and feed them. I hope I can volunteer this activity in the summer, because I love animal and I want to save them from at risk.

I would like to call you guys to action, save the animals, save the Earth

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