Big experience in the wild-Cat Tien National park

On Wednesday, May 18 of 2011, our class start a trip to Cat Tien National Park, it takes us 3 hours of bus drive to reach the head quarter of Cat Tien National Part. We take a rest in about 2 hours the we hike 5km to the Forest Ranger in the jungle. It was tired hike with a lot of rock, heavy bags, leeches. I have a big suprise, no AC, no fan in our bed room. Well, at this time in Vietnam, it is extremly hot. At night, it was terrible, mosquitoes all over the place, and it was too hot inside our room, so I and my friends decided to sleep outside. The good thing about this night was my friends and I have a chance to talk to each other, sharing our ideas about ourselves and get better known to understand our friends better.

The next day, we walk back to main road and the bus take us to the head quarter of Cat Tien National Park, so we can check in to the hotel, well not atually a hotel but, it was 4 times better than the first night in the jungle. After finish, lunch we went to the WAR rescue station. There are lots of animals have being rescue from the hunter. The bears after being in a cage for 3 to 5 years have showing sign of autism amd this make me really sad, and I want to do something for those bears. Well there also good thing is that I can see a leopard was hunting a chicken for the first time in my life in action.

At night, we have night safari with a lot of fun, and my friend, kei was sleeping in a funny post, and I gonna show you in the picture.

On the last day of the trip, we visit EAST the organization from England, whose are recueing the money and  gibbons from dangers such as flu, coughing.

We went at 11.30 AM after finishing our lunch. Cat Tien is a nice experience for me, and if you want you can visit it. You’ll have lots of experience about it, and can feel the sorry for the animals whose are being hunting for money.

My favorite color-Challenge 5

Hello everyone, I share with you guys my favorite color in this post. Well, actually, I have like 5 other favorite color, but mostly, I like Red, let me tell you why. Red is main color of my favorite club, Liverpool. Liverpool is a one of the biggest club in England with 18 league title and 5 European cups. The way Liverpool FC play makes me excited, they play attacking football, a beautiful strategy of football. I also love Liverpool FC because the teamwork of them, they never give up, like the champions league final in 2005, and the game that Liverpool win against their big rival Manchester United 4-1.

Red is also a color of love, this color stand for romance, and a good feelings in my mind. Love is beautiful thing in the world for me, when I love something, I will sacrifice myself for it. Love also make myself feel better, when I was sad, tired, or disappointed of somethings, talking to my girlfriend make me feel better.

In Asia, specifically in Vietnam, Red is a lucky color. When you wear red, lucky things come to you, for like you got new cell phone or new friends. The color red on my shirt or my short every-time I’m going to play make me feel lucky and more confident of winning that game. Well the color red has a large affected to me a lot.

I hope you guys like my post. What your favorite colors? Can you guys share with me, I can get better of you and have more friends.

My Avatar-Challenge 2

Avatar Maker

I like my avatar, it pretty much shows who I am. Well, it may not shows 100% how I’m look like, but at least my avatar can show  my characteristic, it shows everyone that friendly guy, and I’m a bit lazy of doing work, but I’m still finish everything on time. I like sports, especially football, or soccer, I’m trying to play for my passion and my love to it.

My summer-Challenge 9

School is almost over and summer is coming. Time to think what I will do over this summer. Well, at the first time, edublogs makes me boring, but when I’m getting excited about edublogs, it kind a fun to me, where I can share my ideas, my thinking, and my feelings to other students around the world. During the summer, I hope there’ll be more students visit my edublogs, I’m trying to make it interesting for everyone. Continuing edublogs is a way to get rid of boring and have something to do over the summer. Through edublogs I can know a lot of new things, have more friends, connect people around the world

My favorite video games-Challenge 8




I’ve played FIFA from EA Sports since FIFA 1998, the FIFA series just getting better and better every year I play. So what make me play this game, when I was a kid, my brother usually play FIFA and he played it for fun, relaxing. When I was seeing his playing, my brother ask me if I want to play this game and so I tried it and it made me bored at the first time, but when I get used to it, I really like it. I was a bad gamer, I can only play the easiest level of this game, but when I’m in grade 8, I have free time and play FIFA 08 a lot and practicing my skill, I can play Legendary after that and same with FIFA 09 and 10.

FIFA 11 is a big experience for me, the game engine has change a lot, the game becomes better, the physic of the game get even better than the previous series. I got a hard time as I play it at the first time, but I think it is the most realistic simulation football in the World for now, even though there are some compete with Pro Evolution Soccer from KONAMI. Now, I’m playing Professional level in this game as the game has change a lot and I need to suit with the game, I’m trying to reach World Class and Legendary for the next future.

Thank you for reading my Blogs

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A field trip to WAR-Cu Chi-Challenge 7

On April 22nd 2011, The American School of Vietnam just have a field trip to Cu Chi. Our Biology teacher Ms.Asmaa has planed this for 2 weeks before that. We started our trip at 8 AM, and get to the Cu Chi WAR 2 hours later, it’s a bit tired for me and my friends as the bus driver got lost for 3 times and we have to ask for way to get their. When we get their, there are posters out sides the gate as it calls people into action, save the animal, save the Earth. 15 minutes later, we got inside the gates as the tour guy shows us lots of stuff about the animal in there, the animal habit, there food, and lots of other stuff.

Cu Chi WAR is a place for animals that have been hunting by people, some of them have injured, but luckily, they’re still alive thanks to these Cu Chi WAR guys. There is also some programs here that you can volunteer to live here, take care of the animals, and feed them. I hope I can volunteer this activity in the summer, because I love animal and I want to save them from at risk.

I would like to call you guys to action, save the animals, save the Earth

My hobby: Football(Soccer)

I started to  play football when I was 12 years old, thaimage-8-for-team-of-the-weekend-april-4-5-gallery-304821088t a little bit late for a professional footballer, but for me I have a smaller goal, to play for my school, play for small football club. Why I came to football? easy answer, In my country, football is very popular, people play football with passion, and that why I came to football so easy. I usually plays football on every Sunday with my counsin and my uncle. From that, I started to practice my free kick and long passing when I have time. Now, I’m confident of my long passing, but for me, that is not enough. Am I a good footballer, no, I still need to practice lots of thing to become a good footballer and to make my school become a good school for football. For the recent time, I’m playing center midfield and center defending midfield for my school and I hope that my school, TAS, can win some game in the next future.

Introducing myself

Hello everyone, my name’s is Steven. I’m 16 years old and I’m studying at The American School of Vietnam. This is my first years in an international school, so my English may not good as you guys, but the good thing is my English is improving thank to this school. TAS is a great school with football field, swimming pool, basketball court, and experienced teachers whoes can help students to improve their skills and prepare for the students to be ready to step take a big step to college.